Tutor Spotlight: Madeline

Author: TASC
December 17, 2021
Madeline White
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What is your Major?

I have been working towards my M.A. in English: Creative Writing and have also obtained my Certificate in the Teaching of Composition during my time at San Francisco State.

Do you have any hobbies or personal interests outside of school?

My main hobbies are reading and writing, though I also have quite a soft spot for theater.

What do you enjoy most about tutoring?

I particularly enjoy being able to give effective support to students, as well as the process of seeing their writing grow.

Why did you want to become a tutor?

I had worked as a tutor during my undergraduate education and had enjoyed it, so I wanted to continue to develop my skills in working with students.

Do you have a favorite assignment or topic to tutor?

I particularly like tutoring in writing, as writing is one of my favorite things to do, so I enjoy being able to help students in taking their work to the next level.

Did you have a favorite cartoon growing up?Favorite hobby growing up?

I enjoyed watching Arthur when I was a kid, and I was a big reader from a pretty early age.

And finally, the most important question, is cereal a soup or a broth, or something else entirely? 

Cereal might be a soup if you put milk in it, but since milk has never appealed to me, I would just consider cereal an easy form of sustenance for when I am in a hurry.

What is the one thing you learned/gained as a tutor that you will carry with you into your future? 

I have gained further leadership skills and greater confidence in my ability to help students grow as readers and writers.

What advice would you give to new tutors? 

Never be afraid to ask your supervisor questions if you need to! Taylor Harman was my supervisor for both semesters that I worked at TASC, and she was an incredibly kind and helpful source of information and support. I have nothing but good things to say about the rest of the TASC faculty and staff as well.

What will you miss about SF State?

I will miss the vibrant creative and academic community, one of the best elements of San Francisco State.

Plans after you graduate?

My plan is to take a vacation, then hopefully work in the education field while also pursuing my creative writing goals.