Reading, Writing, and Academic Study Skills Resources

For students:

  • The resources on this site are meant to provide general, supplemental information. Certain things may not apply to your specific context. Be sure to follow your instructor's directions first.
  • If you aren't sure how to proceed, ask a classmate, a tutor, or your instructor for support.


For instructors and tutors:

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  • Note: these resources are not meant to replace interactive learning. Many people learn better with others, engaging, conversing, practicing, and appreciate guidance when they have questions or get stuck.

Content created and assembled by Karen Wiederholt and Taylor Harman.

Reading for college is challenging! These resources include strategies for reading more effectively and efficiently. Use them when you feel unmotivated or stressed, or want to tune-up your reading skills.

Writing challenges--the assignment, the writer's feelings, the background noise (literal and figurative)--exist everywhere. Use these resources to learn strategies for when you feel stuck, approaches for getting stronger, or to discover ways to feel more comfortable as a writer. And please, ALWAYS follow your instructor's guidelines if they differ from any of the resources below.

Strong academic skills can make college feel more manageable. Find resources on everything from studying effectively to planning your time with purpose.

Find information here about standard English grammar rules and forms, as well as tips on how to find errors.
How to GET TUTORING For Grammar