Other Tutoring Services

The Center for Science and Mathematics Education (the Center or CSME) within the College of Science and Engineering (COSE) offers Science Supplemental Instruction (SI), which is a series of one-unit courses that supplement the STEM major gatekeeper courses by creating learning communities to focus on conceptual understanding and mutual support and through hands-on and interactive small-group work. 

Student Outreach and Academic Retention (SOAR) is a TRIO student support service that focuses free comprehensive services designed to promote academic success for students in Health Sciences (HS).

The Educational Opportunity & Pathway Programs (EOPP) provide comprehensive and holistic services designed to provide students with outreach, admissions, academic, and financial support. Students receive on-going advising, tutoring, and workshops designed to increase retention and graduation rates.

The Metro College Success Program (Metro) was developed to support the next generation of leaders. Each Metro Academy is a 'school within a school' to give you an educational home in your first two years of college and beyond. Metro gives you personalized support for college success through in-class academic support and tutoring.