Resources for Faculty/Staff

TASC works with faculty and staff to support student learning. We work collaboratively with our campus community to meet the needs of SF State students. 

Faculty Members

Request a Class/Program/Group Visit

TASC loves to get the word out about how we support SF State students. We'd be happy to arrange a visit to your class, program, or group to talk about our services and how to utilize them.

To request a visit, please complete the form below or email us at If you email, be sure to include the course/program/group for which you are seeking a visit and good days/times.

Learn About Embedded Tutoring

Experienced TASC tutors are embedded in classes across campus. They help facilitate learning, both in the classroom and at the tutoring center.

If you are interested in having an embedded tutor, write us an email at Please include the course for which you are seeking an embedded tutor (DS 412, BIOL 100, ENG 114, etc.) so TASC reception can direct your email to the appropriate TASC faculty. 

A faculty person will reach out to provide information about our embedded tutor programs and find out more about your goals.

Refer a Student

To refer a student to tutoring at TASC, please email or complete the appropriate form linked below.

If you email, include the course for which you are referring the student (BUS 300, CHEM 115, ENG 201, etc.), and any pertinent information about the referred student. Be sure to provide the student name and ID as well.

We hire tutors every semester. If you have worked with a student who you think would make a great tutor, please recommend them by emailing us or filling out the appropriate form, also linked below.