About Us

The Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC) is a university-wide tutoring center that supports the academic success of all San Francisco State students by providing free peer-to-peer tutoring for all SF State students. 

At TASC, our tutors care about our students and about what and how they learn. Our peer tutors assist students in completing specific assignments as they strengthen their overall academic skills. Tutors are available to work with students in one-on-one appointments, in drop-in tutoring, and in small group study sessions. Our tutors are here to support students in their goal of succeeding at the university.

The tutoring staff is supported by TASC faculty, all of whom are currently teaching and/or have taught at San Francisco State and other universities. New tutors attend a semester-long training to learn tutoring best practices while returning tutors meet weekly to share experiences and improve their strategies. TASC works closely with instructors to support composition and GWAR courses in the form of Embedded Tutors and the Fellowship program respectively. 

TASC offers tutoring support for most subjects. Our sessions are tailored to unique student needs and learning styles. 

Meet Our Peer Staff

TASC Faculty/Staff Directory
Michelle Montoya Executive Director, Tutoring and Academic Support mmontoy@sfsu.edu
Brian Vu Administrative Analyst brianvu@sfsu.edu
Gordon Bengle Faculty Director, Math and Business gbengle@sfsu.edu
Karen Wiederholt Faculty Director, Upper-Division and Graduate Writing kwied@sfsu.edu
Sudha Krishnamoorthy Faculty Director, First-Year Experience skrishnamoorthy@sfsu.edu
Peter Ingmire Faculty Director, Science ping@sfsu.edu
Taylor Harman Faculty Director, Lower-Division Writing tharman@sfsu.edu


Beliefs, Mission, and Vision

Our beliefs about learning

At TASC, we are a diverse community of educators at different points in our careers. We’re all learning, and we’re always working to get better at what we do. We believe that tutoring is for everyone. All students can benefit from the one-on-one attention and support that tutoring provides. 


We believe that learning happens…

  • when students feel welcome, encouraged, supported, and connected. In tutoring, students can develop one-on-one connections that might not happen in their classes or on campus.
  • through collaboration and conversation. In tutoring, both students and tutors ask questions, exchange dialogue, and collaboratively explore possible solutions. 
  • when students develop strategies for approaching complicated problems and assignments with increasing autonomy, as well as self-efficacy skills for seeking out support when they need it. Through tutoring, students build transferable skills for college and beyond. 
  • when students are reflective, developing metacognitive awareness of their own processes. By talking with a tutor, students become more conscious of their processes and strategies. They are then able to apply these strategies more effectively in the future, building agency and autonomy.
  • when academic conventions are demystified. College has many unspoken rules that can be confusing and stressful for students, especially first-generation, international, or immigrant students. Tutors can explain these rules, making college work more accessible and equitable for everyone.
  • when learning is contextualized. People learn best when course content is relevant to their lives and they actively participate in constructing meaning and knowledge. Tutors meet students where they are, personalizing sessions to students’ needs, interests, and experiences.
  • throughout our lives. Learning happens when we approach the unfamiliar with curiosity and humility, admitting what we don’t know and asking questions. Tutors don’t have all the answers, but they can help students figure out what questions to ask.


We aim to…

  • make students feel seen and heard, recognizing and valuing the unique knowledge, experience, and social identities that each student brings.
  • create a space that welcomes and accommodates all people equitably and with integrity, embracing their abilities, ethnicities, races, class backgrounds, citizenship status, language backgrounds, gender identities, political views, religious beliefs, and/or sexual orientations.
  • communicate clearly and promptly with students, tutors, and instructors, so that everyone gets the information that they need to move forward.
  • create a community of support for tutors, students, faculty, and staff, so that they feel motivated and appreciated. We especially strive to support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community members and to create spaces where everyone feels safe, respected, and comfortable.
  • facilitate a rigorous, pedagogically-relevant tutor education program so that tutors are equipped with a range of tools for supporting diverse students academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • engage in ongoing meaningful conversations about anti-racist and post-colonial pedagogies and their implications to our work. We embrace multilingualism and language diversity, affirm students’ agency and identities as they navigate academic expectations and develop their unique voices as writers, thinkers, and contributors to academic discourse.
  • collaborate with departments and programs across campus to coordinate services in order to best meet students’ needs and foster a vibrant, interconnected campus community.

If you had an experience when you did not feel supported at TASC, please let us know. We are not perfect but want to understand, engage, and improve. 



The mission and vision of the Tutoring and Academic Support Center at San Francisco State University are to support student success in a collaborative and inclusive environment. Our peer tutors, supported by TASC faculty and staff, work to help students become more independent and confident learners in their academic journeys. Tutors work with students on strengthening their understanding of course material and concepts, on developing their reading and writing skills and processes, and on improving their overall academic skills. We aim to empower students as they develop successful habits that will help them in their education and beyond.



Tutoring is here for you!